What is Lear Fitness


There is nothing generic or mainstream about our approach to training.

Our modern Personal Training Studios are purpose-built to offer specialist training and advice to ensure you get the health and fitness results you desire.

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Our gyms are equipped with the latest functional training tools, but it’s the minds behind them that make the difference.

Lear fitness brings together expert personal training and nutritional advice and then compliments that with a team of highly qualified physiotherapists. Combined, it’s a distinctly personalized service that makes you the focus and us the antidote to the factory style gym sheds.

We achieve all this in a welcoming boutique environment, one of calm intelligence where you are always treated as the individual you are and we have come to understand. The Lear experience is based on a hunger for knowledge and the application of that knowledge. Your success is our motivation. 

Why Us?

Personal Training with Free 60 minute Consultation

Personal training is simply the most effective way to get results fast.
It means training properly and actually achieving your fitness goal.
Select your trainer here and start your Personal training on us with a free 60 minute consultation. 

Our Gym

Our gym is designed for intimate 1:1 sessions. Traditional weights sit alongside state of the art True Vibe technology and the latest functional training tools. Knowing how to use them gets results fast. Your personal trainer will show you how. 

Our Studios

Step into our studios and you ‘ll understand why boutique also means luxurious. Our Pilates studio is one of very few that offers group sessions on a suite of reformer beds. It has a quiet zone too for 1:1 Pilates mat classes and physiotherapy sessions.
Downstairs the pace quickens in the brand new Training Studio.It’s purpose- built for group Spinning, Indoor Cycling and fitness sessions. We run classes daily, with ViPR , Circuits, Super Tabata, Weight Lifting , Run-Fit and Kettlebells. 

Our Physiotherapy Clinic

Having access to professional Physiotherapists is vital to restore and maintain fitness, so we had to have our own, on-site. Our boutique style gives them dedicated rooms that are quiet and private to perform treatments and dispense advice. Lear Fitness insists on a holistic approach so all our Physios are fully qualified Pilates instructors too.



"If your physiotherapist prescribes you exercises, do them! The exercises will complement the treatment your physiotherapist has done and will enable you to improve faster. If you have any issues with your exercises or they cause you more pain, you should stop and contact your physiotherapist."-Melanie De Luca, Physiotherapist at LEAR Fitness ...

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"Strengthening your core muscles is important for everyone. The core muscles help to stabilise and support the spine, reducing back pain. If we are strong in the centre, we have a strong, stable base for our arms and legs to work from. Pilates is a fantastic way to strengthen your core muscles."- Melanie De Luca, Physiotherapist at LEAR Fitness

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